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Funeral Photography

Funerals celebrate and honour a life and deserve to be chronicled. To a family, a funeral is a time for an extended family to gather together. To friends, a funeral is a time to reminisce about a friend who enriched those he or she knew. To colleagues, a funeral is a time to acknowledge the person who helped them in their career. Funerals are too important not be photographed.

At a funeral people are at their most beautiful when they are being kind to one another. Barriers are lowered and tenderness rises. Everyone is human for a day. You can still laugh and be happy at a funeral. You can remember the person’s life.

I can record these moments of shared intimacy and genuine emotion.

My style of photography is not at all intrusive: you may not even notice I’m there.

Often, on such occasions, your mind is completely foggy, you barely even remember who was there, but when you look back on your photos, weeks or even months later, you’ll be reminded of the wonderful send off you gave to your loved one.

That might bring a tear, and that’s no bad thing. You will treasure the last memories you were able to make with them.

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